By Steve Jalsevac, lifeSite News


The increasing actions of the Obama administration to obviously purge the military of Christians and Christian influence and principles – traditional to the US military since its beginning – is the most alarming development of this presidency to date. It is certainly about more than facilitating tolerance of other religions.


Think about what the US military will be like without its usual backbone of many thousands of trustworthy, patriotic Christian troops of various denominations in all the forces and in all levels of leadership. Without them, it becomes a military with far less of a conscience, without a deep respect for justice, individual rights, the US founding principles and constitution and other elements essential to safeguarding freedom.



Without the loyal, traditional American soldiers, the US military could far more easily be manipulated by a tyrant against the very nation it was formed to defend. It that why this is happening?



The grossly excessive military and police response used to find the 2 young Boston bombers, and the forcing of many families out of their homes at gunpoint during this unprecedented domestic military exercise and strange downplaying of the bombers obvious Islamist motivation, should, in my opinion, be seen as related to today’s story on what is happening in the US military.



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