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After Uganda, Kenya Gears Up for Gay Rights Debate

Kenya could become the next battleground for gay rights as lawmakers plan to introduce a motion in parliament to compel authorities to more strongly enforce the country’s anti-homosexual laws. Gay rights activists say the pressure has already increased since neighboring Uganda passed a strict anti-gay law last month.

First-term member of parliament Irungu Kang’ata is leading a newly-formed caucus set to combat homosexuality in Kenya.

In an opening move, the lawmaker is requesting the ruling party to explain what measures the government is taking to uphold the current laws.

“The whole idea is, Kenya we do have anti-gay laws, they are there in our books, in our statutes. The issue is about enforcement,” he said.


Gays Flee Mombasa Over Public Attacks

HUNDREDS of men who have sex with men at the Coast have moved away from major towns for fear of their lives.

According to statistics by the Mtwapa Initiative for Positive Empowerment, an organisation working with MSMs in Mombasa and Kilifi counties, more than 200 of the men now avoid public health facilities.

Mipe says a number of the homosexuals default from HIV treatment for fear of victimisation following the heightened debate about homosexuality in the country.


NGO Petitions Parliament to Outlaw Homosexuality

A non governmental organization has written a petition to Parliament, to pass a bill to clearly outlaw homosexuality in Kenya,

“We are saddened with the rise of homosexuality which is against our core values and African values. It is to this regard we have chosen to say no to homosexuality in Kenya. The issue of Homosexuality is not a matter of birth but a matter of choice and that is why we have petitioned Parliament to clearly outlaw homosexuality,”said Peter Munga chairman of the NGO, Mandate initiative.

Munga while speaking at Kiambu Hotel yesterday urged the west to stop homosexuality on the African continent and asked Africans to uphold moral values that will promote and advance the human race.


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