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Dear ACC Counsellors and Members

You will recall that earlier this year (on 14 January 2014), the ACC Executive Chairman Tony Ruddle issued a Statement to its Members[1] indicating a shift in its approach to counselling and psychotherapeutic provision for unwanted same sex attraction. Tony contacted organisational member Core Issues Trust (CIT) and an ACC professional member, Mrs Lesley Pilkington shortly before this announcement was made public. He indicated that our positions were at variance with the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) with whom the ACC was seeking to formalise a register of counsellors. This related to the matter of therapeutic support for unwanted same sex attraction, or what he termed ‘Reparative’ or ‘Conversion’ Therapy. His call was a courtesy to both, and we were subsequently provided a copy of the proposed ACC statement banning such approaches, to prepare each for the shift in position, and in Lesley’s case indicating her impending expulsion. After careful consideration, CIT then issued a statement on 10 January, 2014 raising concerns about this ACC Position statement.

Dr Mike Davidson’s 2013 expulsion from BPA (British Psychodrama Association)

As the Director of Core Issues Trust, I was expelled from my trainee membership of the professional body I have been associated with since 2009, in 2013 (Press statements and documentation can be found here). The British Psychodrama Association (BPA) had received no complaint against me, but removed me from membership, on instruction from the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP). This was because I hold a view that homosexuality is neither innate nor immutable and that autonomous individuals – after informed consent, should have access to professional help to manage, reduce or where possible to eliminate homosexual feelings. My views were well known in the training environment I was attached to, prior to me commencing training and as I progressed my training over the next three years. But when I shared these on a BBC programme I was suspended without a hearing, and 18 months later removed from the UKCP/BPA register. Such views were contrary to those of the UKCP, the BPA’s accrediting body. My case, represented by the excellent work of the Christian Legal Centre, is ongoing, but we had hoped that the ACC would remain a professional and pastoral care organisation from which I would receive accreditation and to which CIT would be welcomed to remain in organisational membership. These possibilities are now unclear.

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