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The National Secular Society (NSS) has called a charity panel’s decision to uphold the charitable status of a pro-marriage adoption agency, “bizarre and politically motivated”.

A barrister however has described the NSS’ comments as “wild accusations”, explaining that the Scottish Charity Appeals Panel (SCAP) is an independent legal tribunal.

The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) has said it will not appeal the ruling in favour of St Margaret’s adoption agency, after it had sought to revoke their charitable status because the group prioritises placing children with married couples.

NSS spokesman for Scotland, Alistair McBay, wrote to the Scotsman to say that the SCAP was dismissing “unlawful discrimination” as “irrelevant” in overturning the OSCR’s findings.

He proposed that the Scottish Government should “examine the workings of the Scottish Charity Appeals Panel to determine its fitness for purpose”.

It should then stand by the “original and correct decisions” of the OCSR and instruct St Margaret’s “to cease this discrimination forthwith”, Mr McBay added.

But Neil Addison, who is a barrister and legal author, said in a letter to the Scotsman that Mr McBay should “study what the law actually says” before making such claims.

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