By André Jenkins, English Manif

“We have been disappointed for a long time by the conduct of the West, the way you conduct yourselves there, but we just keep quiet. We just see how you do things and your families and how they are organized. All these things, we see them and we keep quiet. We never comment because it’s not our country. Maybe you like it. So this is now an attempt of social imperialism to impose social values of one group on our society. Then our disappointment is now exacerbated because we are sorry to see you live the way that you live. But we keep quiet about it. Now you say “you must also live like us.” That’s where we say no.” –Yoweri Museveni

It is important to understand (even if one does not agree) the common African perspective of Western countries’ overt pressure on Africa regarding gay rights. It is even more important to work with Africa starting from their understanding of homosexuality and how they view Western pressure on them. However, the West has done none of the above effectively. For example let’s see what President Barack Obama has done. Instead of just focusing on getting sodomy laws weakened in Africa, he jumps all the way to gay marriage:

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