frgavin on May 23rd, 2014

By Tom Gilson, Breakpoint:

too_stupid_to_understand_science_try_religion_flAre you a Christian? Then there’s something dreadfully wrong with you. You’re unthinking; you’re unscientific; you can’t see how badly Christianity botches morality. You represent a deeply defective culture that’s been getting all the most important things wrong for a hundred generations.

Did you know that?

You should; or at least, that’s the message many skeptics and atheists want to convey about you and me.

Some are saying so in plain language. Peter Boghossian wrote in his Manual for Creating Atheists that because we believe things without evidence, we have no place at the “Adult Table,” where important adult decisions are made. We should be firmly escorted to the “Kids Table,” quarantined away from all significant conversation.

I can at least appreciate his forthrightness. Others, not quite so straightforward, are coding the message into slogans and imagery. Even there, however, it’s hardly subtle.

Dehumanizing Messages

The wording on a flask says, “Too stupid to understand science? Try religion.” A billboard previously displayed in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania pictures an African-American with a cruel collar around his neck, featuring a quote from Col. 3:22: “Slaves, obey your masters.” A t-shirt for sale online reads, “Don’t pray in my school and I won’t think in your church.” A commenter on my Thinking Christian blog writes, “Jesus’s short-term self-sacrifice … is only laudable in the sense that a mob boss or an abuser ‘sacrifices’ something in order to convince himself not to blow up a business or hit his wife.”

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