By Julian Mann:


With the innovation of women’s ordination becoming ever more entrenched in the Church of England and the Sirens of political correctness poised to whoop in triumph once the women bishops’ measure succeeds at July’s General Synod, it could be costly for licensed clergy of the traditional integrity to describe a woman’s vocation to Christ’s ministry of Word and Sacrament as ‘supposed’.


Under Common Tenure, orthodox clergy are under a much higher expectation to be clubbable with fellow deanery clergy across the churchpersonships and to be perceived as a ‘good colleague’. Clergy who are wanting to put God’s revealed truth above collegial relations and indeed above their ‘careers’ could find themselves getting into trouble with diocesan senior staff.


Pressure, subtle or otherwise, could be exerted at mandatory ministerial reviews: “Your tenure is coming up for renewal next year…I’ve had a complaint from the Revd Doris about you calling her vocation ‘supposed’.”


Very disturbing in the new climate is the fact that bowing before the altar of women’s ordination is increasingly becoming a sine qua non or, in the dreadful trendy phrase of some clerical apparatchiks, a ‘deal breaker’ for appointments. On the ground, conservative evangelical men are being turned down by parishes because a woman in the congregation has a supposed vocation and the parish representatives are frightened of his conviction that God does not act contrary to his Word written and therefore is not calling women into presbyteral ministry.


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