frgavin on July 6th, 2014

Jul 5, 2014

The Conference of the Methodist Church UK 2014 has voted to accept gay married members, lay and ordained. It has deferred a decision on whether to opt in on conducting and blessing gay weddings for two years.

This was the motion adopted:

(40/6) The Conference resolves that, whilst recognising that the 1993 Resolutions on Human Sexuality would still apply to all relationships, the ruling regarding those entering civil partnerships, namely that there is no reason per se to prevent anyone within the Church, ordained or lay, from entering into or remaining within such a relationship, should also extend to those entering into legally contracted same sex marriages

The 1993 Resolutions (also known as The Derby Resolutions) restate the traditional view that intercourse is between male and female within marriage. We understand this most recent decision was based on the understanding that gay marriage (unlike heterosexual marriage) is not defined by sexual activity but by love and commitment.

This is the link to the debate and vote:

The report on Marriage and Civil Partnerships is available as a pdf as the bottom of the page.

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