frgavin on April 30th, 2016

Stephen Pollard Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, Germany Credit: Alamy As a young boy, I used to think my grandma very strange. In her bedroom she kept a suitcase, packed and ready for use at a moment’s notice. “Just in case,” she’d tell me when I asked where it was that she was always waiting to […]

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  By  Laura Keynes According to a new poll, more than half of British Muslims want homosexuality criminalised. Such findings come as no surprise. The real surprise is that it’s been reported by the media (although you’d have to search very hard to find the story anywhere on the BBC news website). Just prior to […]

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frgavin on April 5th, 2016

By Chris Sugden and Vinay Samuel, Church of England Newspaper: The Archbishop of Canterbury has written to urge all Anglican primates to attend the Anglican Consultative Council in Lusaka from April 8-19. The primates of Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda have indicated that their representatives cannot attend because the spirit of the Primates Meeting in Canterbury, […]

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