By David W. Virtue DD
Recently the House of the Bishops of the Anglican Church of Canada voted to change their marriage canons to allow homosexual marriage.

Questions about the integrity of the voting process in which Anglicans narrowly rejected a resolution to allow homosexual marriage emerged and then led to a stunning reversal of the result.

To pass, the resolution required two-thirds of each of three orders — lay, clergy and bishops. The clergy failed to reach that threshold by one vote that was apparently not counted because it was counted in the lay order.

The error was discovered after delegates requested a detailed hard copy of the electronic voting records.

Hiltz then declared the resolution in favor of same-sex marriage had passed.

“That is our reality,” Hiltz told stunned delegates. “That the motion is in fact carried in all three orders.”

The Episcopal Church has also gone down the same road on same-sex marriage and met with pushback from the Primates of the Anglican Communion and the Archbishop of Canterbury who said there would be consequences. To date there have been none.

It is still not known how this act by the Anglican Church of Canada will play out, but GAFCON Primates have said they will not sit down with TEC bishops at future gatherings of Primates called by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

How they voted can be accessed at this link.

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