GAFCON UK website launched


GAFCON UK exists as a broad-based fellowship for all faithful Anglicans in Britain who agree with the Jerusalem Declaration, who are committed to living for Christ, standing humbly and compassionately for historic biblical truth in church, community and nation, and who share a vision for a global Anglican future.

Christians in the West are rightly concerned about the lack of freedom and of basic necessities in many parts of the world. But do we realize that followers of Jesus overseas are praying for us as well? In particular, many Anglicans across the world look with compassion on our spiritual poverty.

They see Europe, America and other Western cultures as abandoning their Christian heritage, and UK churches, including Anglicans, under pressure to compromise clear Christian teaching in the face of secular humanist philosophy. In some cases, the gospel appears to have been watered down or even denied. Even some faithful clergy do not feel free to give clear teaching on key topics such as sexual ethics or the uniqueness of Christ. Meanwhile, Christians are often afraid to share their faith in the workplace.


GAFCON unites confessing Anglicans worldwide.

Existing church-planting and renewal movements are responding to our new cultural context, but these networks will be much stronger if they are linked to a global movement. GAFCON is such a movement: born out of the courageous stand for truth by a number of Archbishops in the mid 2000’s, GAFCON is now growing as a visible reminder of unity in Christ despite different cultures, different churchmanships and worship styles. It is a partnership for evangelism, discipleship and societal transformation throughout the Anglican Communion and beyond.


GAFCON and local Anglican churches

Through affiliation to GAFCON UK, Christians in the British Isles will be connected with this global movement for renewal and mission with its spiritual vitality and evangelistic zeal, doctrinal clarity, wisdom and faithfulness under pressure.


From the newly launched GAFCON UK website – read here

[Editor’s note: we hope to have more on this next week].

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