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by Gavin Mitchell, Anglican Mainstream SA The Anglican Church of the Province of Southern Africa, now known as the Anglican Church of Southern Africa (ACSA), is one of the provinces of the Anglican Communion that claims to walk the tightrope of the ‘middle path’ in the doctrinal and moral wars of the modern Communion. ACSA […]

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The Archbishops of Canterbury and York issued a joint statement last week apologising for its “lasting damage”. Wilberforce Director Dr. Joe Boot highlights that their apology is unclear, focuses on the wrong things, and even suggests a “policy of closer union with Rome”. “In this 500th anniversaryof the Reformation, because the love of Christ constrains […]

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Dissident Priests vow to fight homosexual marriage Church is failing in the fight against poverty, while focusing too much on homosexuality debate, they say By David W. Virtue, DD January 30, 2017 The ultra-liberal Bishop of the Diocese of Recife, João Câncio Peixoto Filho, has ordered a group of dissident clerics (male and female), […]

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Church of England Archbishops call on Queen to repent of being Supreme Governor of the Church of England Archbishop Cranmer   In this 500th anniversary year of an obscure monk called Martin Luther banging his 95 Theses onto the door of Castle Church in Wittenburg, the event which history marks as the beginning of the […]

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Second Cathedral Embroiled In Muslim Prayer Controversy Gloucester Cathedral has provoked controversy by hosting an event featuring the Islamic call to prayer, as well as Buddhist chanting, Rasta drumming, and a Pagan rock band in an event just days after a Scottish cathedral was criticised by hosting Muslim prayers denying the divinity of Jesus Christ. […]

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Posted on  by theweeflea “Does God call me to belong to a local church where the Word of God is not being taught?” That was one of the questions I have often been asked. I hope to have an occasional series looking at these kind of questions. To some the answer  to this particular question […]

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ACC Secretary General’s Blast at GAFCON Clarifies Difference Did Josiah Idowu-Fearon do orthodox Anglicans a favor? COMMENTARY By David W. Virtue, DD The Secretary General of the Anglican Communion Office Dr. Josiah Idowu-Fearon may have inadvertently done the Anglican Communion a huge favor; by denouncing GAFCON in no uncertain terms, he has clarified forever […]

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