frgavin on June 30th, 2017

The Ven. Dr. John Davis, Archdeacon in Wangaratta (although not listed on their website’s “leadership” page) has penned an initial response to the letters of Bishop Condie and Archbishop Davies. Davis’ response, which can be found on his public Facebook page (full text below), takes issue with the bishops’ decision on a number of points. His […]

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frgavin on June 28th, 2017

Author: Jules Gomes Justin Welby has thrown George Carey to the wolves. Homo homini lupus est! Man is wolf to man. The Archbishop of Canterbury is wolf to his predecessor. Justin Welby has asked George Carey to step down as assistant honorary bishop of Oxford, after the Moira Gibb report found that senior figures in the Church of England […]

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Today the Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church voted to finalise a change to their canons that attempts to redefine marriage.  This action further marginalises faithful Anglicans in Scotland who uphold Jesus’ teaching on marriage. Recognising the pastoral need that arose following the initial SEC vote (in June 2016), in April of this year the […]

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Tony Payne  If you’ve been going to Sunday church services for as long as I have, you will no doubt have a list of things that you don’t find very edifying (or to put it in a slightly less edifying way, things that drive you nuts). For example, has something like this ever happened in […]

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