by Charles Raven

“There have been other discussions of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s theology, but this is the first serious attempt to link it with his ecclesiastical policy. The parallel seems to be drawn very tellingly.”

The Revd Dr Roger Beckwith, formerly warden of Latimer House, Oxford.

“Charles Raven has provided convincing evidence about the real problem facing us in the Church of England and how this has affected the wider Anglican Communion. He argues that we are experiencing not so much an ecclesial deficit as a confessional one. His book is an excellent introduction to the deeper issues that sooner or later will affect us all.”

Rt. Rev John Ellison, Retired Bishop of Paraguay.

“Archbishop Rowan Williams is the most significant theologian influencing the Anglican Communion at the moment. Therefore it is important for orthodox Anglicans to understand his thinking. Charles Raven has performed a great service by going through Archbishop Williams’ work carefully and helping us to see the foundations of his thought and the direction in which he is going.”

Canon Dr Vinay Samuel, Church of South India and Convenor of GAFCON Theological Resource Group.

Charles Raven is Rector of Christ Church Wyre Forest, an Anglican church plant near Kidderminster in Worcestershire, and is a widely read commentator on the Anglican Communion as Director of SPREAD (The Society for the Promotion of Reformed Evangelical Anglican Doctrine). He also serves as a member of the GAFCON Theological Resource Group. Educated at Oxford and Durham Universities, he was ordained into the Church of England in 1988 after working in the banking industry. He is married to Gillian, a teacher, and they have three children.

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