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Clarification of CANA under the jurisdiction of Nigeria

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Archbishop OkohA recent article in Vanguard Online states that CANA is no longer a Nigeria Mission.  This is incorrect.  Bishop Martyn Minns’ Archdeacon, The Ven Julian Dobbs, writes:

CANA’s Missionary Bishop Martyn Minns (who is currently in Singapore en route to Nigeria for the Church of Nigeria’s House of Bishops’ meeting, which is to be followed by a meeting of the Church of Nigeria’s Standing Committee) has asked me to pass along this information to you:
Earlier this morning Bishop Minns heard from both Archbishop Nicholas Okoh and Registrar Abraham Yisa who were surprised to see a recent statement in the media that suggests that CANA is no longer part of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion).
Both Archbishop Okoh as well as Registrar Yisa told Bishop Minns that such reports are erroneous. They assured him that there has been no change in the status that exists between CANA and the Church of Nigeria, that Bishop Minns and CANA’s suffragan bishops continue to serve as members of the House of Bishops in the Church of Nigeria, and that the Church of Nigeria at the same time continues to promote the full recognition of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) as a province in the Anglican Communion.

Information regarding the relationship that exists between CANA, the Church of Nigeria, and the ACNA can be found on the CANA website

Archbishop says the Church will resist Government moves on gay marriage

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

The Archbishop of Canterbury has vowed to defend the Church’s traditional stance on marriage against Government moves to introduce homosexual weddings in churches.

Jonathan Wynne-Jones reports in Online Telegraph:

Dr Rowan Williams has refused to be drawn on the issue publicly, but has broken his silence to tell MPs he is not prepared for the Coalition to tell the Church how to behave.

He told a private meeting of influential politicians that the Church of England would not bow to public pressure to allow its buildings to be used to conduct same-sex civil partnerships.

The comments are the first time he has spoken since the Coalition unveiled plans to allow religious buildings to be used to conduct homosexual partnership ceremonies.

While the Church has been bitterly divided over the role of its homosexual clergy, he said it held a clear position that marriage is between a man and a woman and would not consider changing this stance.

The tough line taken by the archbishop will frustrate liberals in the Church who have become increasingly disillusioned by his support for a conservative approach to controversial issues.

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Diocese of Chichester Press Release on Changing Attitude/LGCM Survey

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

February 26th, 2011 Posted in Gay Activism |

From Chelmsford FCA

MEDIA RELEASE Issued on: 25th February 2011

The results of a survey carried out by Changing Attitude Sussex and the Brighton and Hove Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement among the churches in the Deaneries of Brighton and Hove in the Diocese of Chichester have now been published. They show an overwhelming number of churches welcome LGBT*people as members of congrgations.

rchdeacon Douglas McKittrick speaking for the Diocese said, “We are grateful to all those who have carried out this survey and to all those who took an active part. This survey was part of that listening process commended to all in the Anglican Communion by the 1998 Lambeth Conference. These results show that the Church takes its pastoral responsibilities to everyone in their parishes seriously, and expresses how the parishes of Brighton and Hove area respond positively to the high proportion of people in LGBT relationships in the area.

It has been a valuable exercise which will encourage an ongoing process of further listening and engagement in the Church.”

* LGBT – Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender

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Toronto gay blessings do not breach the moratoria on gay blessings, ACC rules: The Church of England Newspaper,

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Bishop Linda Nicholls at Lambeth 2008

First printed in The Church of England Newspaper.

The appointment of advocates of same-sex blessings to the Anglican Communion’s ARCIC team does not violate the Archbishop of Canterbury’s ban on participation in ecumenical dialogue of those who propagate views contrary to the church’s teachings on human sexuality.

On Feb 4, ACNS reported that ten Anglicans, including an American priest working in the UK and the suffragan bishop of Toronto had been appointed to the ecumenical dialogue commission which is scheduled to meet this May in Italy.

While conservatives have not disputed the intellectual merits of Canon Mark McIntosh of the Diocese of Chicago or suffragan Bishop Linda Nicholls of Toronto, their appointment by the ACC has prompted criticism for undoing the strictures put into place by Dr. Rowan Williams last year against the participation of members of provinces in breach of the communion’s moratoria on gay bishops and blessings.

It also serves to further erode the credibility of the ACC staff, which has been under sharp criticism from leaders of the Global South and Gafcon movement, and makes the possibility of a rapprochement within the communion less likely.

In his Pentecost letter of May 28, 2010, Dr. Rowan Williams stated that members of provinces that were in breach of the moratoria would no longer participate in the communion’s ecumenical dialogues.

“Provinces that have formally, through their Synod or House of Bishops, adopted policies that breach any of the moratoria requested by the Instruments of Communion and recently reaffirmed by the Standing Committee and the Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Unity, Faith and Order should not be participants in the ecumenical dialogues in which the Communion is formally engaged,” Dr. Williams wrote.

In a June 7, 2010 press conference during the Canadian General Synod in Halifax, ACC secretary general Canon Kenneth Kearon explained the decision to remove Americans from the dialogue commissions.  That church’s consecration of Bishop Mary Glasspool in Los Angeles “meant that gracious restraint was not being exercised.”

By consecrating a ‘gay’ bishop, it was “clear that The Episcopal Church does not share the faith and order of the vast majority of the Anglican Communion as expressed through the Instruments of Communion time and time again,” Canon Kearon said.

“If they don’t share the faith and order, then they shouldn’t represent the Communion on faith and order questions” and in ecumenical dialogues, the ACC secretary general explained, adding that it was “at the very minimum to be honouring to our ecumenical partners so that they know who they are in conversation with,” Canon Kearon said.

Canon McIntosh, who served as canon theologian to US Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold and was co-author of the Episcopal Church’s apologia for gay bishops and blessings to the 2005 ACC meeting, did not count as an American as he now held a position at an English university, the ACC said.

Bishop Linda Nicholls of Toronto was not barred either, ACC spokesman Jan Butter said, as “Canada has not formally breached the moratoria. It was made clear at the time that it was the members of those Churches that had who would be asked to serve as consultants” and not participants in the dialogues.

However, Bishop Nicholls endorsed the plan put forward by the Diocese of Toronto’s House of Bishops last year that formally instituted rites for the blessing of same-sex unions.

It was “quite clear” the Toronto College of Bishops “made a decision not to abide by the moratorium on same sex blessings.  Further, the College has decided that a diocese is at liberty to move ahead unilaterally in this matter,”  Dr. Murray Henderson of the Diocese of Toronto, vice-chairman of the Anglican Communion Alliance in Canada, told The Church of England Newspaper.

“I regard this as a grave action endangering the catholic faith and order of the church,” he said, noting the Toronto bishops were “acting on the disputed assumption that the Provinces are now merely a loose federation of independent churches.”

“I very much doubt that Canon Kearon, speaking as he does for the Archbishop of Canterbury, has reversed his policy of not allowing members of churches which move beyond the common faith and order of the Communion to serve on international commissions such as ARCIC.  It is therefore puzzling and disheartening that a member of the Diocese of Toronto has been so appointed,” Dr. Henderson said.

Your marital status is not relevant to us now, Church tells clergy

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

February 20th, 2011 Posted in Church of England, Marriage |

by Jonathan Petre, Mailonline

The Church of England has infuriated traditionalists by dropping the requirement for clergy to disclose their marital status when they apply for new posts

Church officials say the changes have been introduced to mirror new secular employment and equality laws aimed at eliminating discrimination.

But traditionalists say they further undermine the Christian view of marriage by hindering parishes from finding out whether candidates for jobs are divorced or in a gay ‘marriage’.

One senior cleric said: ‘This opens the floodgates to divorce and remarriage being accepted as normal in the Church because they are no longer seen as a significant factor in appointments.

‘It would also mean parishes being unaware until they have made their decisions that a clergyman’s personal life may be out of step with its position on issues such as civil partnerships. This is a slippery slope. It is another sign the Church is abandoning its traditional values.’

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Orthodox Anglican Parish Opens for Business in Hawaii as Five Episcopal Parishes Sink

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

By David W. Virtue in Greensboro
February 18, 2011

Anglican Mission in the Americas (AMiA) has started the first orthodox
Anglican parish in Hawaii – Christ the Foundation Anglican Church –
begun entirely by the laity. This week the AMiA (AKA TheAM) ordained The
Rev. Heath Hale as a Deacon at its Winter Conference in Greensboro, to
lead the new fledgling parish of 40.

“The laity started this
parish and we then looked for a clergyman. Usually it is the other way
around,” David Chung president of the Board of Directors of the church
plant told VOL.

“We are all refugees from the Episcopal Church.
We saw the direction the Episcopal Church was taking and the devastating
effect it was having on the Diocese of Hawaii with gay bishops in New
Hampshire and Los Angeles as the Church turned away from Scripture.

all belonged to Calvary Episcopal Church, but broke free when we saw
what was going on. The Rector Joseph Carr was a charismatic Episcopalian
who initially wanted to leave in 2003 when Gene Robinson was
consecrated a bishop, but ultimately felt that he could work from within
the Episcopal Church. In December 2008, he announced his pending
retirement for the end of June 2009.

“The Bishop of the Episcopal
Diocese of Hawaii, the Rt. Rev. Robert L. Fitzpatrick came to our
January 2009 annual meeting at Calvary and told us to leave immediately
if we were only waiting to leave after Joe Carr’s retirement in June
2009. So we left.

“We held a series of meetings in January and
February 2009. From the beginning, it was important for our group to
have proper spiritual covering of orthodox clergy. One of our
parishioners who had attended All Saints’ Anglican Church, an AMIA
congregation in Morehead City, NC called the Rev. King Cole now, a
retired priest and asked for his advice and help about getting a
congregation going in Hawaii. “We asked King to come. He did and he
stayed for three weeks and we held worship services with between 30-35
people attending services.

“The three week period culminated with
12 people formally pledging to start a church . That was in March of
2009. Then, with Fr. Cole’s oversight, Fr. Chip Wheeler, vicar of Holy
Cross of the Anglican Church in America (ACA), an Anglican priest
ordained by the Nippon Sei Ko Kai, an ordained Episcopal priest and
another reject, became part of our supply clergy to do Sunday Eucharist
services. We wanted to develop the congregation and so we held twice a
week Bible studies in home groups.

“We met first at an Assembly
of God Church for three Sundays in a row, but when they found out we
were using real wine and not grape juice, they asked us to leave. We
left in love and began to meet in one of our congregation’s home. But we
quickly outgrew her home. We sought the use of a local school, but they
objected to us using real wine so we were reduced to Morning Prayer. By
now, the church had grown to 20. We called every church in the area,
but we could not get a time slot.

“We prayed and one day we
discovered the Windward Worship Center with an empty church slot between
8-9am. The church property was in pretty bad repair and there was
little parking due to a water line that ran down the middle of a
driveway. The property was a mess. We put in a trench and relocated the
water line. Now we can park 25 cars. We cleaned up the church and did
some landscaping. The good news was they allowed us to use real wine for

“The rectory was also falling down due to storm
damage. When their congregation saw what our little church had done to
improve their property, they were motivated to undertake the long
deferred repairs to the roof and to renovate their offices. Amazingly,
the weekly tithe of offerings that we donated to them just covered the
cost of all their materials. Then we outgrew the place. Suddenly, we had
30 members. We held Bible studies, preached the gospel and people got
converted. We introduced them to the Anglican Way and they loved it.

a local Baptist Church became available. The minister was retiring in
two weeks, the congregation was down to 17 and they were happy to rent
it to us. The new pastor gave us full use of the sanctuary.

that time, we were big enough for a full time priest. We got in touch
with the AMIA folk in Pawleys Island and the name of the Rev. Heath
Hale, 32, hit our radar screen. He was young, committed to the next
generation and wanted to reach out to the unchurched and unsaved. Our
new bishop is the Rt. Rev. Terrell Glenn.

“We had finally turned a
corner. With the ordination of Hale and 40 plus members and a $175,000
budget, we are on the road to a new evangelical awakening on the
islands. It is ironic that, even as we grow, the five Episcopal parishes
in the area have all lost their priests and they cannot replace them.
They don’t have income from dwindling and dying congregations to stay
open. I predict that they won’t be around much longer. They have all
been reduced to mission status.”

On an interesting side note, the
Rev. Joseph Carr, retired Rector of Calvary Episcopal Church, is
currently involved in starting an AMiA plant in Maine, after retiring
there in 2009.

CAPE TOWN: Anglo-Catholic Priest Defrocked Following Tribunal for Whistle Blowing Gay Activities

Monday, February 21st, 2011

February 18th, 2011 Posted in South Africa |

By David Virtue, VOL

A priest with the Anglican Church of Southern Africa has been defrocked by his bishop, Merwyn Castle, on the recommendation of an ecclesiastical tribunal because he brought “the church into scandal and disrepute”. He did this by questioning the sexual standards of his church and bringing to light multiple cases of homosexual abuse by priests with young men going back to the 70s. Castle is the bishop of the Diocese of False Bay. The tribunal was chaired by Peter Lee, Bishop of the Diocese of Christ the King, near Johannesburg in Gauteng province.

The Rev. Clifford Felix, 55, an Anglo-Catholic, married with two children says there has been decades of sexual abuse in Anglican dioceses in Southern Africa. In 1975, a man whom he later learned was a priest abused him. “I wanted his name. I saw no future without forgiveness.”

Fr. Felix said many of the young men who have been abused are now priests who have become champions of their abusers. They can now be found in the highest levels of the church.

Felix says the worst abuser was the Rev. David Daniels who was at the center of a ring of sexual abuse in the Diocese of Cape Town. He is now deceased. He said Daniels sodomized many young minors including a young man by the name of the Rev. Ron Phillips. This man is now Felix’s accuser. Felix also accused another priest, the late Maurice Brunsdan of multiple sexual abuses. They were not able to blend in as discreet smooth operators like the others, said Felix. “”They were transferred and shunned because they caused scandal.”

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