frgavin on August 24th, 2011

By Peter Ould, Twurch of England website

We’ve received this prayer letter via Bishop Mouneer’s chaplain in Egypt from the Anglican Church in Tripoli. Please use it to guide your prayers and note in particular the news about the Roman Catholic Church. We’ve also been told that the phones have been out in Tripoli for the past 24 hours and the TV is showing us that the fighting is not yet over, so the situation may have changed.
Dear Respected Bishop Dr. Mouneer,
Greetings to you and your familes from Tripoli!
At last, things are geeting better, and we can communicate once again through internet.
We praise the Lord for our safety here in Tripoli in such difficult situation. Now all people here are so glad of experiencing improvements and developments. But we still need to pray for the current transitional time to witness safe consequenses of development . The Catholic Church was stolen by force last night, but we thank God that no body was hurt. For the time being it is not safe to move around, and it will take us some time, but we are glad of having some relief.
We praise the Lord that the church could survive and has been self supported during last 6 month, and we have great trust in the Lord’s leadership of his church. Many thanks for your prayers and support, and please be in contact.
The Lord is good and his mercy endures for ever
Yours in His grace and goodness
Revd Hamdy Sedky
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