by Patrick Lee The conjugal conception of marriage is just and coherent; the same-sex marriage proponents’ conception of marriage is unjust and incoherent. The “marriage equality movement”: that’s the name chosen for themselves by same-sex “marriage” supporters. The implicit argument is that the state’s granting marriage licenses only to opposite-sex couples is undue discrimination. The […]

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frgavin on January 31st, 2012

Recent statement by the newspaper’s Chair of Trustees: “In October 2011, the Church of England Newspaper published an article by Alan Craig entitled “Confronting the Gaystapo”. The article was clearly identified as a personal opinion by a named individual. Its theme was that the gay rights lobby uses aggressive methods to advance its cause and […]

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frgavin on January 31st, 2012

By Ben Todd, Mailonline Veteran broadcaster says belief in evolution is not incompatible with religion His award-winning programmes on the natural world follow evolutionary history and the teachings of Darwin. Now, however, Sir David Attenborough has speculated that there may be a God – and insisted it would not be ‘inconsistent’ with the theory of […]

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By Andrew Hough, Telegraph The courts are endangering religious freedom because the judiciary are giving it a lower priority than equality, a leading philosopher has claimed. Prof Roger Trigg of Kellogg College, Oxford, said that judges increasingly “curtail” the religious views of people in favour of other “social priorities”. After studying a series of judgments […]

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frgavin on January 26th, 2012

David Mansfield January 26th, 2012 I have just spent four frenetic days in Kenya visiting Anglican Aid partners. These wonderful partners are delivering the emergency aid programmes made possible by the generosity of Sydney Anglicans and their friends. But I spent those days deeply conflicted, and the inner turmoil hasn’t subsided. For, only hours before […]

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African Anglicans should not be deceived by the supportive noises from Western liberals. The true opinion of Western Anglican liberals towards two thirds’ world biblical orthodoxy came out at the Lambeth 1998 Conference. African Anglicans’ commitment to biblical orthodoxy on Christian faith and morals is ‘pre-scientific’ and ‘primitive’. The former Anglican Bishop of Newark in […]


frgavin on January 25th, 2012

Please pray for the peace of Nigeria and the safety of the Christians By Foluso Taiwo The Archbishop of Canterbury the Most Rev Rowan Williams has been in continuation of dialogue and mutual support, and sent his sympathy to his colleague the Primate of all Nigeria (Anglican Communion) the Most Rev Nicholas D Okoh […]

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