frgavin on June 29th, 2012

By Dr Lisa Nolland


Though David Cameron initially claimed there would be separate marriage ‘tracks’ and that religious bodies would be exempt from performing SSM , this promise is looking increasingly unlikely to be fulfilled. According to various sources, if SSM is legalised, the local church will have to officiate at SS ceremonies. Leading UK religious law barrister, Neil Addison (17 April 2012), writes, ‘The combined effect of the European Court decision and the Ladele decision seems to be clear. If same sex marriage is legalised in the UK then religious same sex marriage will have to be legalised also. Churches which perform heterosexual marriages will have to be willing to perform same sex marriages and they will have no legal grounds to resist since the (secular) Courts have determined that the “Orthodox Christian view of Marriage” is not a “Core” part of Christian belief’. Others, including the gay Justice minister, Crispin Blunt, Anglican commentator, ‘Archbishop Cranmer’, RC William Oddie and a recent constituency delegation to Mr Cameron, all say much the same. Even the Church of England is publicly worried. (1)


The ‘justice’ demand for same-sex marriage (SSM) is fuelled and given moral legitimacy by the notion that people are ‘born gay’: ‘gay is the new black’. This brilliant psychological strategy (perfected by media experts Kirk and Madsen (After the Ball (1989), p 184) is untrue but nevertheless widely believed. Identical twin studies disprove it–if one twin is gay the other most often is not (only in 1/9 cases, according to Bailey et al (2000))–as does Frisch et al‘s massive marriage research on the love lives of two million Danes (2006). Even Peter Tatchell discredits the ‘Born Gay’ theory. (2)

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