frgavin on September 27th, 2012

Dear Stephen Kuhrt and Tory Baucum:

Pastors and/or church leaders who advocate blessing same sex unions and ordaining ministers in same sex relationships are not our “brothers with whom we disagree”…they are purveyors of “another gospel” (Gal 1:6-9). They are false teachers who lead people away from repentance and the redeeming work of Jesus. They are wolves to be driven out of the fold…not brethren to be given a platform or an opportunity to spread their spiritual poison.

“Recant and repent or face discipline and expulsion.” That is the only opportunity for dialog these leaders must be given.

And this is not because we are mean but because we have a flock to protect and that flock cannot and must not be set at risk to make room for those purported Christian leaders who want to use the pulpit to embark upon self-indulgent theological journeys to nowhere.

By giving false teachers a platform and a voice, you are giving aid and comfort to the Enemy. You are undermining the Gospel you claim to uphold.

For the sake of the Church Jesus loves and died and rose again to save: proclaim Jesus Christ, defend the Faith, or step down.

Yours in Christ
Matt Kennedy

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