frgavin on November 25th, 2014

Sixteen things Jesus believes that many churchgoers reject:

1. That the Old Testament, down to the last punctuation mark, is God’s word and cannot be falsified (Matt 5:17-19, John10:35).bible

2. That God really made the first real man from the dust and the first real woman from the man and joined the first man and the first woman together in the first marriage that is the measure and definition of all marriages (Matt 19:4-6).

3. That God created the heavens and the earth (Mark 10:6).

4. That God sent a flood to cover the whole earth (Luke 17:27).

5. That Noah was a real person who built a real boat (Matt 24:37-39, Luke 17:27).

6. That Jonah was a real person who was really swallowed by a real fish and survived to preach in Nineveh (Matthew 12:40-41).

7. That human beings have all become evil by nature and deserve the wrath of God (Matt 7:11, John 3:36).

8. That no one can be saved from eternal punishment by his own efforts or strivings (Mark 10:26-28).

9. That all other proposed religious/philosophical ways and truths and lives end in destruction (John 14:6, Matthew 28:18-22).

10. That faith in him is the only way anyone will ever be forgiven and granted as a free gift, eternal life (John 3:16-36, John 14:6).

11. That the word of God is supreme over all religious traditions and especially over “the way we’ve always done it.” (Mark 7).

12. That his appointed Apostles would be his agents to communicate his word to his church through his Holy Spirit (John 14:25-26, John 16:12-14).

13. That the visible local church is the focus of his earthly activity until his return (Matthew 18:18-21, Matthew 28:18-22).

14. That the local church is called to send out disciples to make disciples of all nations even though they have their own religious traditions (Matthew 28:18-22).

15. That disciples will suffer (John 15:18-27, John 16:33).

16. That life with him is worth the loss of all things (Matt 16:25).

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