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UK: Reform Should Steer Clear of Socially Marxist Vocabulary

By Julian Mann

The socially Marxist activists who unleashed ‘homophobic’ as a pejorative adjective on Western countries in the 1970s were quite clear what they meant by it. They applied it to anyone who morally disapproved of homosexual practice.

They deliberately presented such Judeo-Christian moral repudiation in psychological terms. It was a phobia that needed to be cured by the ‘therapy’ that Marxists have always deployed whenever they have gained influence – political force.

That is why the UK Anglican evangelical network Reform would be advised to avoid the words ‘homophobic’ and ‘homophobia’ or explain clearly that biblically orthodox Christians ought to understand them very differently from Western politically correct social Marxists.

In its media statement following the Anglican Communion Primates’ meeting in Canterbury, Reform echoed their communique:

“We join with them, once again, in condemning homophobic prejudice and violence and their rejection of criminal sanctions against same-sex attracted people.”

To its great credit, Reform affirmed GAFCON’s statement, which had lamented the Primates’ “failure to recognise the fact that the Anglican Church of Canada (ACoC) has also rejected the collegial mind of the Communion by unilaterally permitting the blessing of same-sex unions and the ordination of those in active homosexual relationships”. Reform also stated its opposition to the Church of England ever permitting same-sex blessings and ordaining practising homosexuals.

But the question must be asked in view of the current Western definition of ‘homophobic’, why was moral repudiation of a chosen life-style, which the Bible describes as sinful, so blithely bracketed with prejudice and, worse still, violence in a communique from a group of Christian leaders? It rather looks as if Western political correctness was driving this particular section in the Primates’ communique rather than God’s Word.

Of course, no Christian anywhere in the world should be committing acts of violence (as distinct from legitimate legal force) against anybody on whatever grounds or inciting them. And of course Christian churches should always treat same-sex-attracted people with love and humility.

But should not the Primates and Reform echoing their communique have made clear that every biblically faithful follower of the Lord Jesus Christ risks being called ‘homophobic’ by social Marxists for repudiating all sex outside of heterosexual marriage?

Substitute the phrase ‘adulterophic prejudice’ in the communique and does not the danger for Christians of using Western politically correct vocabulary become clear?

Julian Mann is vicar of the Parish Church of the Ascension, Oughtibridge, South Yorkshire, UK –

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