frgavin on May 30th, 2016

Western Liberals Pushed for Bishop Waweru as their Man for the Job By David W. Virtue DD May  2016 The Rt. Rev. Jackson Ole Sapit, 52, was elected this week as the 6th Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya and Bishop of the Diocese of All Saints’ Cathedral, Nairobi. He is orthodox, able […]

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May 2016 Author: Thomas Janikowski To All the Faithful in the Diocese of Quincy, The Illinois Fourth District Appellate Court has ruled in our favor in our ongoing defense against legal challenges brought against us by the Episcopal Church. In their unanimous decision of May 13th, the Appellate Court for the second time ruled that […]

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A major Evangelical figure in the US says that Catholics were right about The Pill Michael Cook | May 9 2016 | One surprising effect of the rise of same-sex marriage in the United States may be a convergence between evangelicals and the Catholic Church. The best evidence for this is a recent book by […]

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frgavin on May 2nd, 2016

This is Why They are Winning By BILL MUEHLENBERG I wrote a piece yesterday on the culture wars and why our side is losing so much of the time, while the other side seems to be winning so often. I noted that the other side sees the bigger picture and is willing to work […]

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  By Dr. Lisa Nolland Special to VIRTUEONLINE A very important revolution is occurring at this point. It is part of a far wider pan sexual revolution which has, since the 60s, gained great momentum, though its roots go back to Marx, Marcuse, the Frankfurt School, Kinsey and others. There are two important facets […]

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