For part 1 click Re-imaging Humanity – Sex, Sexuality, Gender and the Inhumanity of 21st Century Humanism – Part 1 We now begin to look at some of the ways the Fall has impacted Humanity and Sexuality  Sexuality – “heterosexual? Sexual? Who gives a sexuality”” Smirnoff advert 2015. In answer to the age old question – […]

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  This is an adapted and expanded series based on my talk at the  Solas Conference Edinburgh – 29th October 2016.   It is a subject of massive importance for the Church and society.  I have split my paper up into several sections and will be putting one out every Monday. Part One – Two Big […]

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Author: David Ould David Ould reports on the appointment of a post-Christian bishop, Jeremy Greaves, for the Anglican Church of Australia Greaves’ appointment will be viewed by many as controversial and even provocative. He gained notoriety for himself when Dean of Darwin Cathedral as a proponent of “progressive Christianity”, most recently being lead organiser of the […]

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Author: Stephen Noll Earlier this year I was speaking with an English friend concerned about the direction of the Church of England. “Where do we draw the line?” he asked. “That’s easy,” I replied: “It’s called Lambeth Resolution I.10.” The 1998 Resolution I.10 on Human Sexuality has been and remains the Rubicon for the Anglican […]

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frgavin on November 22nd, 2016

REFORM set to form Inter Church Trusts By David W. Virtue, DD A statement put out by GAFCON-UK upholding Lambeth resolution 1: 10 has been met with hateful rebuff by the Bishop of Salisbury, the Rt. Rev. Nicholas Roderick Holtam, who described the GAFCON statement as “outrageous”. In a letter to the Church Times, […]

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frgavin on November 1st, 2016

Who doesn’t love a good Latin phrase, especially when it can be bandied about in support of the spirit of the age? Semper Reformanda. Always Reforming. When the church changes its mind—or a professor or pastor or professional blogger demands that the church changes its mind—on, say, the definition of marriage or the nature of […]

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frgavin on November 1st, 2016

  The Falls Church Anglican–A Story of Gospel Awakening By J.B. SIMMONS THE GOSPEL COALITION Stories about losing rarely reach the front page, but our countercultural faith is different. We believe to live is Christ and to die is gain. Daily news of victories–in sports, in politics–obscures this truth. That’s why we need more […]

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