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Anglican Mainstream SA – Consultation Port Elizabeth

3rd to 4th September 2008

The Consultation

The gathering at St John’s Church Walmer in PE gave a chance for feed back and time to reflect on developments in the Anglican Communion since GAFCON and Lambeth and to seek God in finding the way ahead for us in the ACSA.

There was time for those who had been to GAFCON, Gavin Mitchell, George Malek, Duncan McLea as well as Bishop Bethlehem Nopece who was also at Lambeth to share their reflections. Bishop Bethlehem then gave a full report on his experiences at Lambeth.

On the Wednesday evening there was an open evening where there was feed back on both GAFCON and Lambeth. It was followed by a time of worship and teaching from our guest preacher, Pastor Fred May who has been a long standing and generous supporter of AMSA.

Time was given to considering the next step for AMSA. It was recognised that the GAFCON Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (FCA) has a parallel and broader role to play alongside Anglican Mainstream SA. The FCA is an international fellowship based on the Jerusalem Declaration which Provinces, Dioceses, Parishes and individuals can join. It is overseen by the GAFCON Primates Council. AMSA is part of the Anglican Mainstream International which is a community within the Anglican Communion committed to promote, teach and maintain the Scriptural truths on which the Anglican Church was founded. This gives it broader appeal and it will have different approaches in different parts of the Communion.

Continuing work of AMSA.

The Consultation agreed that a small delegation should seek an appointment with the Archbishop to discuss how we best carry forward the aims of AMSA and support him in his role as Archbishop – guardian and teacher of the historic faith in this Province.

It was decided to continue to build the Anglican Mainstream Southern Africa network and to have information gatherings around the country to this end. This would be undertaken once the DVDs and CDs from the Jerusalem GAFCON meeting have been received and a succinct short overview DVD edited. These meetings would seek to gather into fellowship all around this province who love the historic biblical – ‘reformed catholic’ faith that Anglicanism has sought to uphold. Also through information and direct biblical and pastoral teaching seek to create an awareness of the dangers of a sliding orthodoxy as seen in the North American Provinces.

AMSA will also seek to host teaching events for radical and transforming ministry into some of the ill caused by the church’s drift because of the cultural pressures around sexual morality, faith/multi-cultural confusion and biblical truth.

Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans FCA

AMSA decided to become the founding member of FCA Southern Africa. AMSA will support and administer FCA until that it seems right and practical to separate the administration.

FCA is open to all who find the GAFCON Statement and the Jerusalem declaration represent the clear statement on faith and the Christian life which they wish to uphold, live by and teach and preach.

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